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Welcome to the School of Government

The National School of Government has to play a significant role in overseeing the professional common purpose in addressing the systemic challenges of public service delivery, through the learning and development of public officials. In doing so, the NSG has to integrate lessons and experiences from the past to develop and improve on current skills and empower the current generation of public servants; and determining a conduit for producing future public servants with a vastness of competitive opportunities and abilities to innovate.

The National Development Plan confirms that the uneven performance at national, provincial and local government results from the interplay between a complex set of factors including tensions in the political-administrative interface, instability of the administrative leadership, skills deficits, the erosion of accountability and authority, poor organisational design, inappropriate staffing and low staff morale. Therefore, the NSG is a call to build a capable and developmental state that will assist in correcting some of the inefficiencies in the public service. 

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